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color and gender discrimination, worn on the body.


January 2013
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in all cultures girls wear pink.  in most cultures boys wear blue. pink determines it’s a girl and blue, a boy.

some men will wear pink in the US, just not heterosexual men. heterosexual men are afraid to wear pink lest they be looked at as ‘different’ or gay. as though their sexuality has to be decided by someone else.  are they not very sure?

how can a color dictate one’s sex anyway? of all the things! why should color continue to be a marker for sex or gender in the US when americans -men and women- are pioneering in advancing the lgbt community? today, homosexuality is present even in congress. yet  hangups on color persist.  for a culture so visually stimulated, why aren’t colors seen as a stimulus? there is so much more to a person that his choice – or lack –  of color in his wardrobe.

and though men in some parts of  india have real problems with the ‘fairer sex’ these days in the news, my hats off to them for wearing pink and other resplendent colors without feeling threatened by the curious gazes of others.

pink can be a feast for the eyes, in many forms:

weddingpink on runway

hritikhoodiekurtahitchcock pink star

see how ellen  tells the color story:


real men wear pink



  1. thomas says:

    So would it be OK if I taught with pink hair? 😉

  2. Maurice says:

    if we look at a Pantone color wheel, we can see visually and technically that darker colors Blues, black, generally go with pink. In this modern society and the ever search for individuality the notion of being gender biased by the wearing of certain colors is ancient! People need to see a color for what it is a color something that you can own and give your own personal flavor to whether male or female and also LBGT! Gents classic blue denim levi 501 jeans, black sports coat, pastel pink button up shirt, black pocket square, black wing tips is a clean semi formal look that portrays masculinity and confidence!

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