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April 2013
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unlike brian, and many others on twitter, my own blog following and nytimes [perhaps more venues etc, but i’ve read of his passing only on these] i didn’t know roger ebert except on paper. or sometimes on some screen critiquing a movie. but death has a funny way of making you ‘know’ someone. or making you pay attention to them. death has a funny way of paying tribute or paying compliments to people. eulogies are done posthumously unfortunately, and i wish compliments and/or accomplishments were paid and stated during one’s lifetime when they would’ve mattered, and not after when the person can no longer benefit or hear them. perhaps it didnt matter for ebert, given his status of mega critic.
but who doesn’t like to hear nice words in a world so ready to criticize you for what you HAVEN’T done or haven’t done well, and not what you DID do [that makes much differEnce in the world]?

ebert’s video below  made me wish that i’d known him. or known more of him! if this video is any indication of whom the man was, then i give it and him 4 stars! and like a classic film, he cannot die, but only live on and on!


The Movie Brothers

Rest in Peace Roger Ebert.
Roger Ebert could be looked at as simply just another film critic by some after a career spanning over 45 years. I looked at him as an art curator; a custodian and tour guide to the world of movies.  
There is no person on earth who inspired my brother and I to start writing this blog and posting our own reviews more than Roger Ebert. His career began as as a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times in 1967. He was a part of a newer movement of film goers that were lovers of both the old Hollywood style and the newer foreign and independent filmmakers. He was a fresh and open-minded critic who had an amazing ability to cut through the film and see into the hearts of those who worked on it. He never just bashed a film because it was commercial…

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  1. Surekha says:

    I have paid more attention to Roger Ebert since he became I’ll, and have admired him so much. His passion to keep in touch with us, and to continue doing what he loves even in such a dire condition is inspiring. I didn’t actually focus on his words so much, but this video show that I missed a whole other wonderful aspect of his being, so thank you for sharing it!!

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