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a place where lives are dispensable and vehicles become coffins

syria’s civil war costs a great deal in human lives as it continues to rage.

the video below gives an outside-in look in the concrete nightmare that syria has become and where one’s life can end at any moment. olly, the english journalist who risked his life to film the pain of the refugees, was able to capture 2 villages after they were bombed. the refugees have come from far way for safety, but what safety can bombs provide them?  olly hops on someone’s bike to see and film the effects of war in another village, after being warned by his driver to stay away for ‘your life could end in a minute’.

the 2 villages filmed by olly are peripheries of syria, where there is a great lack of infrastructure: only one rudimentary hospital, some distance away and medical facilities are almost non-existent. they have only spades to dig out their wounded and buried, not even pick axes as the journalist says but if they do get one they must be very careful to not axe the buried. so hindsight, intuition are key in their situation. there’s no heavy lifting equipment as in 9/11 to help save lives.

what do families do when their loved ones have to be dug out from under rubble in such a place? even if they are able to be dug out what do you do with them to save whatever life is left in them? those alive ask for any vehicle to take their wounded to the hospital. some people’s vehicles become coffins: in one case 25 people died in the back of someone’s suv.

women, children, men are crying, shouting, bleeding because their lives are blown apart. one boy screams repeatedly that his grandparents, who’ve been fleeing the bombs successfully until now are buried somewhere. others tell him to shut up because it is pure mayhem everywhere. and worse is that they cannot congregate for long to help care for or mourn their loved ones because the bomb dropping jets target groups of people. so they must split up fast, and only the necessary ones stay to finish digging out and helping the wounded before more deaths and injuries accrue.

they have some 6th sense about where the jets will strike next and what direction they will come from. it is their only means of survival with so many lacks they face! some men express their anger at the truce made by the UN, blaming them for this war. another asks ‘where is god?’ and mothers look frantically for their children. it is like a raid scene, where kids are rounded up helter skelter and put away fast.

what strikes a doleful chord in the video is the woman who’s pushing her pram quite casually soon after the first airstrike. as though it is the order of the day, and it must be if the people there know what will happen next. they know the jets will strike again. and again. these ‘government’ jets perform bombing runs on humans.

but where can one run when there are jets dropping bombs randomly everywhere? and how fast can these marginalized run to escape all the rubble that stand as obstacles in their path  from previous devastation from bombs ?


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