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April 2013
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Femen at mosque in Berlin

femen is an international movement of topless courageous activists whose bodies are covered with slogans and heads, with flowers.

according to the femen manifesto, in the beginning was the body and the idea of women and their own bodies, but then came injustice, so much so that women started to feel it with their bodies; and then woman was deprived of her mobility, paralysed by her movements, and her body has become her hostage. now women are pushing their bodies to combat injustice by mobilizing each cell for battle against the world, patriarchy and humiliation. they tell the world that their god is women! that their mission is protest! their arm is a naked breast! and from all of this is born femen.

femen activists are specially trained – physically and psychologically – and ready to accomplish human tasks of varying degrees and complexity. they’re ready to overcome any repression. motivation is their only ideology.

femen is the commando of feminism, its avant-garde fight, an incarnation of intrepid and free amazons.

they think that since the body has become the object of a monstrous patriarchal exploitation that the key to liberation is proclaiming rights over their [own] bodies.

they’d like to undermine the great institutions of patriarchy, of the sex industry, of the  church etc by forcing them to capitulate. they’d like to change how eroticism is viewed as well as porn.  they vie to eradicate things which make life intolerable for women such as prostitution, and want to tear down organizations which make women slaves of any kind.

for femen, this can only be accomplished by sextremism: a new form of feminist activism. it is non violent but very aggressive in action which will sap patriarchy from its rotten culture.

why a crown of flowers on a nude upper body?

it’s a symbol of femininity. a crown of heroism. and the sloganed body is expressing truth by exposing itself to nudity.

their motto is “my body is my arm!’

femen has legitimate branches set up in france, ukraine, germany, brazil, egypt and is spreading its geography. the most experienced sextremists prepare their activities in france and the ukraine then disperse same elsewhere. they accept donations from like-minded people and sell works of art of its own creation. it is not political, they say, and do not want aid from religious organizations, political parties and other lobbyists.  for more info see their site

in a nutshell femen seems to be the newest wave of feminism, it vies to  fight fire with fire, using the body to deconstruct the body and its gaze. like rendering to the scorpion its own sting!

laura mulvey might be chuckling over this creation since it was she who first spoke about the gaze via a publication in the domain of cinema, and a theory came out of it. she wanted to reverse the grip and gaze the body held on the audience.  femen wants to do very much the same though not in cinema, but certainly visual media otherwise why go naked? and although they do wish to create some kind of art out it [for they sell images of their own creation] it is not directed towards the 7th art or cinema. but like mulvey’s theory of gaze reversal, femen seems to want to acclimatize the eyes of the beholder to the point where the body will become less eroticized, less taboo, and in the long run perhaps more accepted as women’s domain.

and men and women will just have to train their eyes and mind to avert exposed breasts and read its truth messages.



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