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A Plague called Rape


April 2013
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A Plague called Rape.

as someone trying to understand rape culture and having already written some blogs on this out of sheer frustration with the spate of rape in india, what struck in this blog are these 2 salient points:

1. A man rapes his sister and kills her over property dispute. My question: Why rape when killing alone could do the job??

and i submit, as i did before, it is not about sex, but about control. if it is indeed a question of killing her off and having her property, why rape her? why even rape a kin? and this shows the sickness that is called a rapist’s mind!

2. what stuck a chord is the fact that the blogger suggests that we keep in mind that the moral education could only reform the educated class. The uneducated rapists should however be talked in the only language they understand – The stringent of punishments.

something i hadn’t thought about at all because we always feel language could persuade someone to undrstand, but perhaps this blogger is right on the nail if it keeps happening with no indemnity. and therefore, as he/she quite rightly suggets punishnemnt should be inflicted to the fullest extent for repeat offenders! Fight fire with fire.

and on the same topic: why would a twenty something yr old man rape a 5 yr old? and this rapist is married? it’s like that brother who killed the sister for her property: why did he rape if he wanted to kill her anyway? and why did this man marry a 2o something yr old if he really wanted 5 yr olds?

&pduring WWII Japan had set up comfort stations where women all across Asia were forced I to sexual slavery. These stations wer surrounded by barbed wires, making escape impossible and the reason they set these stations up for soldiers is guess?
To prevent rape crimes in public. Also to prevent stds and provide comfort for soldiers to prevent them from telling military secrets (
What did I miss here? Rape women so you don’t speak? Women as prize? Women’s bodies as distraction?





  1. Surekha says:

    So brutal, and whether 5 or 50 or 80 or 25, it is still about exerting control through violence over those that are seen as defenseless. Of course, when a tiny child is the victim, it is all the more horrifying and heart breaking. Men who rape need to be exposed to the public, for public shame and they deserve to have their testicles removed, and they need to be counseled. Does any society do this to rapists???

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