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June 2013
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a few days ago, a tired banker in germany fell asleep on the keyboard, but not before accidentally transferring 222 million euros. with just one stroke of the keyboard!

recently, obama met with the chinese president xi to discuss ways of protection from cyberespions, possibly iran and north korea. the matter of the american accusations of chinese corps linked to the military & economic secrets & property in cyberspace was the most contentious issue. while the chinese opposed hacking and cyber espionage [having already been victims], the americans warned that the economic relationship between the two countries would be affected if hacking continued.

but why is hacking becoming such a huge and urgent issue? and how easy is hacking done?

like the German tired banker, all it takes is some key-strokes. no need to be there to carry out major destruction. recently, snowden leaked to newspapers that NSA was mining data and misusing it. he has provoked a lot of furor and with just reasons. people fussed and objected after he came out with his leaks from hong kong, because their civil rights were affected. but what are civil rights worth if a destruction the size of the twin towers were to recur? or worse, triple that destruction or quadruple it? have these objectors considered something outside of their ‘civil rights’ blah blah blah?

the US govt is mining data to protect us, civilians, says snowden and others. what’s more important to understand than civil rights is that the US gov’t is only a firewall between us and massive destruction. what do the civil righters do the moment they purchase a computer? they purchase firewall. we all do! we have norton and mcafee anti-virus and all sorts of firewall to protect our computers and files from destruction & corruption. why do we do that? why do we spend money to install these anti viruses on our computers?

since 9/11, a lot has changed at airports and other places. these changes are for our good in this era of bombs that can be near invisible to any radar or screening. recently, an afghani man passed through security unscathed, and then blew up. he was stripped naked, but no technology detected the bomb inside his body. what does that say, if not that things are becoming more and more sophisticated to a point where even smart tech can’t detect it? don’t we need then all the help we can get since our puny firewall won’t save us from massive attacks?

if you’ve seen the movie ‘olympus has fallen’ you can visualize how things can go ‘south’ if the US govt doesn’t mine data for our protection. while only a movie, the reasons for the recent meeting with the chinese was to engage an alliance to protect against the kind of attacks, much like we see in ‘olympus has fallen’ from Iranian and north korean espionage. in the film, the Koreans carry out a fatal attack and annihilates Olympus or the US because of their very sophisticated cyberespionage. if we remember not so long ago 9/11 happened DESPITE smart technology, despite constant monitoring etc. the gov’t has to be a step ahead ALWAYS to prevent another such or worse attack.

finally, cyber is a potent way to lash out against any system/nation. deterring cyberattacks is far more complex than we can think. the 2 high profile cyberattacks in the last year attest to this. one was against saudi aramco, saudi arabi’s largest oil producer, suspected to be carried out by iran, which caused 30,000 computers to cripple. the other cyberattack was north korea’s banking and media companies which froze the ability of several banks to operate for days. these cyberattacks were put into effect with the stroke of keys. had these affected gov’ts known how to prevent these attacks, by mining data, they’d have been in a better position. luckily, lives were not lost. but again, and coming back to the film ‘Olympus has fallen’, many lives were lost, as in the twin tower explosions.

missile technology is very real and a growing danger for washington and the world. washington suspects that iran has hired russian programmers to enhance criminal activity and have purchased some of the most powerful and dangerous malware from the black market [ i guess this info may have been had from data mining?]. these malware are capable of quick destruction of a whole nation in matter of seconds. for graphic reality of this real possibility and if you lack imagination and wish to see the flood gates of hell open wide from cyberattacking, see ‘olympus has fallen’! ignore the rotten tomatoes which it was perhaps given by some civil rights critics!

given the recent unveiling of underwear bomb and the blow up of that afghani man passing through security undetected, the sensitivity and power of gov’t, technologically, would need to increase or be reviewed in order to overcome such disastrous attacks. this process requires constant vigil and is best left to the gov’t to decide how it can protect us from all these super cyber espionage. think of the govt [mining data] as a great big firewall, where we are the computers, and the govt, the firewall protecting us from attacks and viruses by nuclear and other sophisticated devices, of which we know so little.

civil rights, finally, are worth zip in front of such massive and total destruction as we can see here:


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