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You kill a dog, you go to jail, you kill a little black boy and nothing happens


July 2013
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zimmerman walks.

free of any murder charge. free of even manslaughter. a lot of people are having a hard time accepting this verdict.

according to this blogger,, Florida juries have proven to be very lenient even in cases that don’t involve “Stand Your Ground.”
Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law was based on a distortion of a single anecdote, and it has subsequently allowed drug dealers to avoid murder charges and gang members to walk free. The law has proven especially effective in providing legal cover if the victim is black. In 2005, for instance, Derrick Hansberry shot a romantic rival five times—four as the man tried to run away—but after he claimed a “Stand Your Ground” defense, a jury acquitted him of attempted murder. Two years ago, as you probably heard, a Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her daughter. Two months ago, a Florida jury acquitted 70-year-old Ralph Wald of murder for gunning down his 41-year-old wife’s 32-year-old lover, whom Wald caught with his pants around his knees. In 2007, despite seeing a videotape of seven guards kicking and beating a 14-year-old boy named Martin Lee Anderson to death at a juvenile boot camp, an all-white jury acquitted them and a nurse who’d failed to stop the killing of manslaughter charges. The guards and nurse said they were just following normal boot camp rules and procedures.

racism may be abolished on paper, but at times, it’s hard to see in reality. at times there’s even degrees of blackness in the equation. zimmerman is white because trayvon is dark. the fairer, not the darker, wins, even in the face of solid evidence: zimmerman was armed with a pistol and martin was not; a police dispatcher told zimmerman not to follow martin, and he did it anyway. it seemed clear enough from this that the darker race was not the provocateur, yet his lighter killer walks free.

we’ve made milestones in racism, but are still miles away from driving away that inner racism. a danish american mother said to her son the first time she saw me: “oh! she’s not that black!’ after telling her son she wanted no son of hers to be dating blacks. another white employer said to the manager of a photo company i worked for: “i didn’t know you liked black coffee?”

while i could walk out of such a company and racism, others never get that chance. like trayvon martin. his blackness could not produce enough light to the jury for justice to rule.



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