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exponential potential of technology

technology has become our second skin.
an extension of ourselves, transcending time. transcending even mortality to those who no longer have or consider religion or muses [lover etc] to deter death. now the creative solution of technology has taken over the worry of death: in a world of gloom and doom, technology is a life saver. our imagination permits us to imagine delightful possibilities. we are no longer an end, but a bridge.

re big data and privacy: the more we can measure data, the more we get the big picture by mapping patterns which recur and the more we can promote insight into how we work when we take data and make algorithms. self insight comes from this transparency of data, which is making news these days a la snowden and NSA. the more we can measure [by analyzing data], the more complexity unfolds. like snowden, we’d like to believe that we are free agents and autonomous, but in promoting transparency we will get new ideas and visualize more.

technology extends our human consciousness because it’s where new ideas come from. we should look upon the world and not see what it is, but what it can become; a kind of future perfect. we should not quietly go in the night when the death devil [not angel!] knocks, but rage, rage, rage [says silva].

we used to have performing philosophers [carl sagan, montaigne, Nietzsche, krishnamurti, osho etc] but now we are pushing perceptual boundaries ourselves which is a means to be reborn every time :
“he who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead”, albert Einstein once surmised.
virtual realities are increasingly influencing our aesthetics, providing new construction kits for our reality.

the exponential growth of technology is no longer linear or local as it used to be. we can now make new extrapolations using exponential growth. what used to be the size of half of a building can now fit in the pocket of a pants or shirt. what then will happen in 25 years? will a phone be the size of a blood cell? [silva].

technology shouldnt be a separate thing, admonishes silva, but a symbiosis of us. our biology can be ‘upgraded’ like ‘software,’ like our devices. death is no longer acceptable to man. any philosopher who accepts death is dead! any philosophy which questions death is meaningless, and its constellation worn out. evolution has woken up and has questioned its evolutionability.
what we create is no longer unnatural. we are beginning to behave like nature. with technology, we are becoming ‘natural’ and not unnatural, or un-human as it was once believed. technology is now human growth; it is imagination made manifest; it is psychedelic [ability to alter the mind or mind manifesting]. someone dreamt of flight long ago and today we are flying all over the globe. we fly with our smartphones to places. we press a button and send our thoughts at the other end of the world, transcending time, space and distance.

how else has imagination transformed the world? today, you can even feed your cat with the click of a mouse! and hasn’t deutsch’s manhattan has changed topography with minds? dreams do not lack reality, they bring our imaginings into existence, like deutcsh’s.

we live in world where the power of art, like cinema, invites us to smash saparetedness and connect the dots of our consciousness. gene young blood of expanded cinema says ” cinema, like life, is a process of becoming a part of man’s ongoing historical drive to manifest his consciousness outside his mind, in front of his eyes”. here, biology has become the new canvas of our aesthetic design, and what new forms of genius lie in wait still? what new forms of art exist that didn’t exist before? which we can’t yet conceive of, but our mind biology will be possible [think of orson welles, fritz lang, thomas edison etc who saw into the future with their own brand of technolgy and mind].

silva’s brilliant video is awe inspiring, haunting even:

technology is like yoga, like a mirror, where we could self reflect. in silva’s world and the real world, snowden would only be a deterrent in the world of ideas or new ideas. static, because he’s against transparency, therefore against new ideas that could come from transparency.
technology is like truth, and truth is beauty.

hopefully, this god, called technology, will never reveal its clay feet.


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