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August 2013
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this video clip shows white young men debasing huntington beach, california. it has been called the white riot, not pussy riot, which does good. sometimes we hear similar stories and hear that they’re just a bunch of college kids getting rowdy which takes the sting out of the seriousness of vandalism or whatever it is being destroyed.
and no one’s saying that these white young men -these rioters- caught in the video are irresponsible or dangerous.

there’s another video making news at the moment which was leaked. this video of the steubenville rapists – footballers from a university who drugged and raped a 16 yr old girl – shows that matter-of-factly, callous and unfeeling behavior some white young men can display. it may not represent all white men, just as all black men aren’t the same, but it DOES show that same privileged behavior that the white rioters displayed at huntington beach. this leaked video shows some college boys ‘fessin’ up to their classmates to show their twisted sense of virility.

but, whether it is a building being violated in california or a human and particularly women as the steubenville video shows, it is still indicative of that white behavior that cord talks about at according to cord, this behavior is learnt at prestigious and non prestigious colleges, frat houses, spring break etc. when we think of white power structures like rush limbaugh or bieber and others who talk abt the black community, and not white community in need of help, what is being advocated or perpetuated?

what is this privileged behavior about and why aren’t more people talking abt it?

and why – as cord asks- isn’t the physician healing himself first?


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