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August 2013
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there’s a film coming to private screens [undoubtedly], called carb loaded. i gather that a lot of folks wont get to see it, since it will be small budgeted and like an art film.

but, here’s the video about it:

while listening, i was up and about doing things, and mentally jotted down carbloated which is what i thought i heard. this ‘name’ or word stuck with me as though the film should be called that name. but i realized it was “carb loaded” when i replayed the video. notwithstanding, i kept the word because we have become a carbloated and low-fat culture creating foods and snacks which are addictive, just like we did with cigarette. And like cigarette, we’re headed for an epidemic. like cigarette, it’ll take a lot of lives and resources to fix, whihc could be avoided if we take stock of this. before that happens we should curb, curb, curb our intake of carbs, simple carbs: white ice, white sugar, sodas to name a few of the most common foods consumed. and since we havent been able to, bloomberg stepped in before it becomes epidemically impossible. and it is fast becoming super sized. we are fast becoming a supersized society.

today,a 9 yr year old can get diabetes but many yrs ago, a 9 yr old could never get diabetes- it was only an adult disease. and worse, and according to the video, we are headed for a world where angina will occur as frequently as acne. perhaps bloomberg’s attempt to outlaw humongous quantities of soda attests to the carbloatedtedness the film will show. we’re not in charge of the bad foods we consume nor the size we consume. and there’s where the addiction of carbs lie. some of us know of the ills of carbs but ignore its effects like the supersize me trailer shows. we’re addicted to the taste of carbs, and blind ourselves to the diseases more and more people including children, are getting, right from obesity to other carb-related killer problems.


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