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Myth of Paris and ny


August 2013
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Power of myth.
Paris, capital in the nineteenth century; New York capital of the twentieth century.
Paris and ancient mythologies.
New York and new she.
New seemed indestructible built on solid rock until 2001.
Paris was indestructible. Capital of liberty culture sexuality and phantasmagorical pleasure.
‘Paris the damnable’ wrote mark twain late 19 th century.
Paris capital of art in the 19th century – artists were trained retained rewarded. Beaux arts didn’t accept women until 1892.
Paris was not the capital of 20 nor will it be of the 21 st century. For anyone wanting that rank they will have come to terms with internationalization and globalization in economics and culture. Accepting different and differing cultures under one roof.
Who will they be? Parisians must demythify that myth of Paris as being the city par excellence. It’s the past and they have to move on and live in the present.



  1. Matthew, Curtis says:

    So true.

    Curtis Matthew
    Head of Circulation/Reserves
    Mina Rees Library
    The Graduate Center
    The City University of New York
    365 Fifth Avenue, Room 1100.05
    New York, NY 10016
    Tel: 212-817-7050

  2. The economial circumstance of paris have shown parisians to dimystify their self importance. New york nedds to accept and welcome the diference in culture and thinking if it wishes to be the capital of the world.

  3. Robert says:

    Maybe Shanghai will be the next capital of the world. We shouldn’t discount the importance of East Asia. Shanghai-Seoul-Tokyo is a formidable triangle, economically and culturally. None of those places is opening its borders, though.


    • as i told a film prof once – India isn’t included in that group ‘east asia’ when we talk abt cinema, and it certainly ain’t gonna be any capital of the world any time soon with its mega invisibility of women. shanghai? seoul? tokyo? you think they are better in this domain? as nalini’s friend said to his mother recently when the mother suggested to him to go to a boys’ school: “but mom! girls hold up half of the sky!why do you want me to go to a boys’s school?”

    • actually i should’ve said ‘asian’ cinema, not ‘east asian’ cinema, but the broad category of asian cinema which mostly features east asian or Chinese cinema in film studies. i questioned why bollywood cinema which produces abt 12oo films per annum [most in the world] wasn’t featured as prominently or featured at all in the group ‘asian’ cinema.

    • And then we here will call them shollywood

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