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would nina davuluri win ms india if india was not a third world?

once upon a time, india wasn’t a third world: explorers set out in search of india. from Alexander to Columbus to the French and the English who all went in search of riches in the only so-called non western country in the world. india had kings, used gold currency, had culture and everyone wanted some of it.

India, the mythical country. full of myths; even films like Indiana jones and temple of doom which celebrates india’s riches that so many civilizations and countries coveted.

today, the same myths are working against india. myths which prevent it from moving ahead. myths which prevent women from having any power except as silent goddesses worshipped at diwali or at saraswati or durga pujas! myths which keep women in powerless positions to effect any change from the all pervasive male mentality vis-a-vis rape or violation.

india remains trapped in its ‘third world’ myth because its knowledge hasn’t and doesn’t evolve in the female domain [also male dalits etc]. let the indians like nina davuluri and mira nair and deepa mehta go and make waves in the western world! or nandita das in film festivals outside of india!
because india IS NOT ready to change caste-ism or get out of its deep depression on skincolor or all the untouchable nonsense that it perpetuates. india loses out of the race because it is not ready to recognize that talent or success IS NOT dependent on skin color or caste or being born and remaining an untouchable.

india is a country which defines beauty as whiteness: dark skin, who wear white masks. the matrimonial ads posted by men and their parents looking for brides who are ‘fair’ attest to this prejudice and myth. take a quick look also at all of their ms indias who became bollywood actresses! it’s clear to see that fair & lovely isn’t just a brand name for skin-lightening products. it is india’s concept of female beauty.

ms america -nina davaluri- is gorgeous, talented, educated. god bless america for embracing and integrating change. for making a barack obama, president of USA, a black man with a muslim name after lynching blacks to death not so long ago. for making ms davuluri [a darkie] ms america! god bless Uk & america for putting the parminder nagras and mindy kalings on talent pedestals in the NON indian worlds.

is it any surprise that America rules and remains the first world?


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