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October 2013
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new york times is innovating like a house on fire, sullivan said in new york times “perilous task of innovation in a digital age’ on 29 sept 2013. and other paper newspapers, magazines, journals too.
and why not? everyone else is!
and why? you get left behind if you don’t!

today’s world requires innovation. otherwise we become last of the digital mohicans. print advertising has been declining, said the new york times article. in the old days, print advertising would bring in 80% of new york times revenue. but that old business model is fading. and today, it is NOT uncommon to be on a far away cruise and have new york times in hand, via an electronic device to read. today, we can be on that same cruise and interview for a job via skype. you can conference call and face talk etc. convenience and multitasking seem to be gaining foothold and declining people’s attention with so much going on simultaneously!

gone are the days when i’d go to some fancy place to get a copy of the new york times while in some remote place or island where new york times isn’t easy to get your hands on. now, i can simply subscribe from nowhere and anywhere and read it anywhere. i can get breaking news immediately.
but is immediate gratification always necessary? perhaps, if some danger is lurking somewhere and time is of the essence. but if all is well, the paper version can trump its digital partner any day.

the merits of the paper version: if you’re in tight quarters and drop your times you can pick it up and continue to read again. what’s a few footsteps prints or coffee stains on it? but if you drop your phone you may not have access to the news. any number of problems could be born of dropping your device. and paper version doesn’t need batteries or chargers to enable reading. imagine if you in the midst of an exciting article, say in the sunday review, and your device drops. that can be such a bummer!
and best of all is its eco edge: the paper version is completely recyclable but is a useless dropped or broken device [as] recyclable?

call me an old-timer, but nothing beats a new york times in paper version sipping a cup of full-bodied chai! the digital copy isn’t the same as the real copy. just like a digitalized person isn’t as real as the real person. image alone doesn’t cut it for me, i need to see the words on paper. i need real talk and not a dummy digital person. i need to jot ideas down on paper or in a book and come back to them to see my evolution. i need to talk and be talked to in real time. there’s no blurring of lines with a real book or real paper before my happy eyes.

and though i like the smell, feel and gratification of a book or paper, where would i be without google?


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