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web Intimacy, with a crowd following…

…or mutual objectification.

cam models perform alone in a cam room: bedroom, hotel, dorm etc. just about anywhere. it’s not pre-recorded porn because it happens in real-time, therefore it’s hard to pirate, and it is almost like netflixing: cam visitors sign in and view. visitors viewing cam models range in the millions: one site reports 30 million visitors a month to one model. 3o million lonely people!

all these lonely people, where do they all belong? did the beatles anticipate this loneliness as early as the 1960s?

one cam model earned $8,000 in tips while majoring in biology at a university. one client wanted her to wear certain clothes and started stalking her. now, she risks her parents finding out what she’s been doing at school. another cam model has performed so many acts to so many clients that she admits to no longer knowing how to be herself. from performing bondage, to S&M acts requested by clients, she has lost track of self.

the biology major thought that camming was safe. but pre- and post-snowden has shown us that transparency is synonymous with internet, which makes little or nothing safe.

but by far the most damaging aspect of camming is the lack of privacy in real time and real life, because the images that cam models have made are out there. FOREVER. they never die. for these women who cam model and do racy scenes, their numbers are erased when they finish their act, but their images and data never finish or disappear, even if they pay a company to erase their data and images. while some companies are busily erasing their images and data at very high costs, other companies are actively putting them back for public viewing. this makes erasure of their images and data a futile effort since it needs to be constantly done, with little or no yields. the real profits go to the hardcore industry. biology majors or other unsuspecting women get sucked in the vacuum of money making and having an easy life, but it is the hardcore industry which profits the most behind the scenes from the cheap thrills put on by cam models.

camming is NOT a not-for-profit business.

and for those who seek higher education, can they put cam modeling on their resume? what when prospective employers find out what they’ve been doing burning that midnight oil? on the one hand, cam models are working to get an education to land a career, and on the other hand employers won’t accept them when confronted with the racy images of cam applicants. these days, universities and employers are hiring lawyers and firms to dig for data, especially negative data and images and they are refusing applicants who have negative digital footprints.

perhaps cam models consider themselves digital geishas, therapists, consorts, virtual performance artists etc., but this could just be another form of blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s virtual, and what we consider sex trade.


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