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Review: Frozen- no damsel in distress!


January 2014
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Review: Frozen.

Wanted to add that this Disney film may have contained all the tropes this blog above mentions. But what it does well, and especially different, is that it leads viewers to think throughout the film that the spell – of ice and therefore Anna’s eventual death – could only be broken by the true love and kiss of a male. first, by prince Hans, then by Christophe, both typically handsome and prince-matter, fairy-tale style. but, none of these men breaks the spell, and in fact, prince hans even deceives the princess out of greed. he is a modern-day capitalist pig, who uses anna to get to the top of the richness ladder. anna doesn’t end up living ‘happily ever after’ with her prince hans.

the message and greatness of showing this film to the young and inexperienced-in-love, or those who fall in love anna-style, with only heart and eyes and not head, is that while this happens a lot in the fairytales, it happens in REALITY, too. and, elsa quite rightly advises anna ‘wait’, when anna announces she’s in love with hans and wants to marry him, whom she has known him for all of one day.

as for christophe, who cares for and really loves anna, he is poor as dirt, though full of humility and honesty, qualities we would expect in the prince or hans in the film. and though hans is more handsome than christophe, neither does his physical beauty nor christophe’s honesty and true love matter or change destinies. instead, the one whose true love stands the test of time was neither of these men, but a woman, the sister! the same ice princess who caused winter on the castle and upheaves everyone’s lives.

It’s a fairy tale with all the tropes, absolutely! but with a great dose of reality. and we’ve got to hand it to disney this time for endowing not only a woman who does the moving and shaking, but a family member -Elsa- whose true love is the only thing to bring back summer and Anna back to life! for, whether it is pocahontas or jasmine in aladdin etc, do you know of a fairy tale where the end isn’t a healing kiss by a male or prince?

Hurray for Disney for making females as rulers in every sense; not just princesses or queens of their castles, but of their families and destinies, too! blood is thicker than [frozen] water!


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  1. I should add that the princesses are no damsels in distress!

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