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Hate has no color nor religion

Ahmed Merabet's eulogy delivered by his brother Malik was addressed to racists, islamophobes, anti semites:
One must not confuse extremists with Muslims. Madness has neither color nor religion. I want to make another point: stop painting everybody with the same brush, stop burning mosques or synagogues. You are attacking people. It won't bring back our dead, and it won't appease our families. 
Thank you.

Every religion has had – and still has – pretend Muslims, pretend Christians, pretend Jews, pretend Hindus etc, who terrorize and kill.

Terrorism, radicalism, Nazism, fascism or insanity are ideas that shouldn’t be novel to any one religion. Today, we are in the path of violent lunatics, but history shows us that we’ve always been battling in the name of power and religion.  What we are seeing today is not ‘radical Islam’ are so many are wont to say and point out, but ‘medieval behavior’ upheld by modern fanatics who, like the crusaders, seek both religious and political power through violent means. Before the separation of the Roman Catholic Church and State, the western world was a ghastly reminder of what we are seeing today. But the roman Catholics weren’t radical Christians, but ‘Christians’ or ‘crusaders’ or ‘warriors’, seeking conquest in the name of their god.

Yet, all that the terrorists or fundamentalists are exhibiting is the same medieval behavior which began in the middle ages.


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