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Throwing tantrumps


February 2016
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Recently, we were worried about keeping traditional americanization alive in America vis-à-vis letting immigrants in, but the Americans favoring Trump were not worried about him closing all kinds of borders [cultural, multicultural, political, gender borders etc]. They did not see that he stood against the principles of the constitution we hold so dearly. And even if they were not worried that he was alienating Muslims, Chinese, Mexicans & others alike, weren’t they concerned about his hatred & sexualization of women in a country where feminism has come a long way since 1872 when it was first introduced in France, yet has made the greatest strides in America?

Here’s a pictorial/digital portfolio of Trump who might’ve been president of the United States of America had he not lost Iowa.

On women:
trump on ivankatrump rosie

trump huffing
trump arianna



trump arianna



Global trump or Trump’s foreign [intersects with local] policy:

trump on mexico

trump n chinese







trump on muslims sports















On local/national policy:

trump on not losing voters.jpg make america great again



On what’s important:

trump 4


His great presence could have made the portrait of the president of the greatest country could look like this:
* racist, misogynist [therefore no women’s rights], dodger, bigot, hater, uninformed, nihilist, narcissist, protofascist []…
* spent 25 plus years in the wrestling business and use low brow behavior of that job in his politics [David Brooks
* Acts and sounds like a frathouse partier, and is an outsider to governing, illustrating what political irrelevance is [Abdul-Jabbar “this is the difference between donald trump and bernie sanders”
 * Braggadocio with a lingua franca that reeks of 21st century adolescent behavior, trying to ‘fit in’, calling people he doesn’t like or who don’t agree with him ‘morons’, ‘idiots’, ‘bimbos’, ‘losers’, ‘slobs’, ‘disgusting animals’, ‘dogs’, ‘fat pigs’ – a demeaning and belittling language that bullies and some mean young adolescents use, which they grow out of in young adulthood. But alas! Trump is not a young adult. Nor is he in the wrestling ring. Nor running a beauty pageant. America might have become a reality show in his hands, with showbiz theatrics, making it look like one big circus.


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