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Millenials unhinged in the face of a new president

What I saw today blew my mind out of its darkest corners: droves of millenials descending upon 5 avenue and 34th out of nowhere walking in-between cars and buses, almost on top of cars, causing them to come to an abrupt halt, tourists on tourist buses standing in support yet shock, police lagging behind and not interfering one bit. Millenials, for the first time with no devices stuck to their faces, looking up, heads held high chanting “fuck donald trump”, “don’t grab my pussy”, “love trumps hate”, “women’s rights are human rights”, “not my président” as they marched up to trump towers with these brazen words of freedom as their weapons. Marching up the avenue of the state to which trump belongs, trump’s home where he is most scorned and disliked. It was moment of reckoning for my somber mood since this morning’s bad news.  A sense of pride swelling up inside as I joined them. 

But the opposite occurred in my daughter’s school. Young voices silenced, tears speaking where voices should’ve been singing. Kids spilling tears all day today instead of preparing for their future for fear their parents get deported. The principal had to send letters to parents urging them to get counseling and at the same time apologizing “Hollande style” for not being able to chose who the president is. 

What a world we live in! What’s become of this great free nation we call ‘America’? Barely one day old and so many tears, discontentment and demonstrations across the country – NY, Oregon, LA etc – from the young and old alike on the streets and classrooms of our nation.

Which president, in the history of this country that leads the world in freedom, and by example, has ever been so disliked that hate has preceded even before his rule begins? 



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  1. Rhett says:

    Let me offer some historical perspective that will, I hope, bring you at least a modicum of comfort for the future. You ask what president in US history has ever been so reviled even before he took office?
    Answer: Abraham Lincoln.
    Lincoln was so reviled and feared by the slaveholding planter class of the South that seven Southern states seceded even before his inauguration in 1861. More recently, there were widespread protests in cities across the country after the controversial result of the 2000 election, where George Bush was declared the winner by the SCOTUS, even though he won the national popular vote (as Hillary did).
    Now, Trump is not a Lincoln—or even a Bush. But my point is that the history of American democracy has always been rather messy. There have been close, contested, even stolen, elections in our history, and yet, despite it all, we have always managed to come together as a country and move on.

    As to my fellow “millennials” who are participating in babyish displays of futile protest, I say this: we lost. It’s time to accept it and move on, for that is the nature of democracy. I was appalled when Trump suggested in the 3rd debate that he might not accept the election results if he lost. How can I not condemn the anti-Trump protesters for the same offense?
    My message to these protesters: Chanting “Not My President” is pointless: He IS our President, like it or not (and I emphatically do not). Instead of throwing tantrums in the streets of NY and Portland and Oakland, etc. start laying the groundwork for a decisive repudiation of Trump in the next elections (which are only 2 years away)…Come to think of it, perhaps the frequency of elections in the US and the fact that the chance to vote again is always right around the corner is the reason our democracy has always accepted the winner. Because we know that, even though we lost this time, we will soon have an opportunity to vote again.

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